SMS Gateway

We send messages, many messages. But this is not all. Actually, this is trivial. Our gateways offer high level of monitoring, troubleshooting, adaptability and, of course, performance. In addition, we offer the complete solution - from software to hardware - in the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. Learn the features of our Gateways and make a difference.

SMS Gateway

Our SMS gateways are designed to match the throughput of each client. It is a multi-threaded software with automatic calibraton according to the response time from the other end. Today we send up to 3 million SMS per day at some customers and we are growing ...

Some features:
- Configurable retry
- Operator independence
- Message volatility
- Rout control (multi-broker)
- Extractor totalizers (BI)

Other protocols

Our gateways also run on other communication protocols, such as recharge of prepaid and requests between applications. For each situation we can configure different behaviors that ensure the high level of stability required.

Connection protocols:
- WebService

"We use SORTE7 as Carrier Lookup API provider in Brazil, they are great! With SORTE7's API, we have found the SLA that we were looking for."

Marcos Gomes
WhosCall Business Developer

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